Small Chess Table

A nice model of a small chess table, fit for an engaging afternoon of chess. Complete with two draws, lined with green felt, one on either side, for holding the chess, and other game pieces.

Note: This model comes along with the needed textures, and a material for the green felt lining.

Plastic Weighted Chessmen

Heavy duty chessmen with a heavy duty feel. These pieces scream "durable!" Very heavily weighted, but of course, you wouldn't know unless you owned the real thing. But these models are as close as you can get! Best used with the Rollflex Board (below).

Note: Only material is provided with this set, no textures. But as they're plastic, there's no need.

Standard Analog Chess Clock

Download this standard plastic-encased analog chess clock, with red second-ticker, and time-out drop flag. With simple easy-to-read faces and stylish design, this is the clock that no chess player should be without. Sturdy, durable, accurate, and ready for any length game. The only drawback to this magnificent piece, is that there is no second hand. But the red drop flag makes up for it during those games when every second counts.

Note: Texture of clock face included, and materials for other parts too. The back of the clock features tuning knob and windup knob, along with screw holes (caped).

RollFlex Vinyl Board

You can't beat the functionality and durability of a genuine Rollflex vinyl chess board. And the price is very reasonable. :)

Best used with:
-Plastic Weighted Chessmen (above)-

Note: Materials are provided along with this model. No textures are necessary.

Standard Tournament Board

Use this standard board with my Championship Chessmen, which you can download below.
Very low poly, and includes coordinates around the edge, as you can see from the picture.

Note: Download includes textures, and some materials.

Championship Series Chess Men

The first product I have to offer for free download, is this wonderful set of 3D chess pieces from a popular House of Staunton set. Don't forget to download a board for your new chessmen.

Note: No textures are included, but the pieces are materialized.